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Wind Turbine Generators

Sustainable energy solutions to power an ecofriendly future.

Wind Turbine Generators

Businesses worldwide are slowly but steadily integrating renewable power generation sources into their portfolio. TDPS is catering to this rising demand by supplying wind turbine generators that are able to deliver clean, reliable energy to customers around the world. TDPS offers 3 solutions-PMG type, Synchronous Type generators and Doubly fed Induction Generators, which are designed as per customer requirements and comply with leading global standards to deliver best-in-class reliability, efficiency, and serviceability


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Salient Features:

All our wind turbine generators are designed to deliver best-in-class reliability, performance and serviceability that best suits the topographical conditions and customer requirements. Our wind turbine generators have:

  • High operational efficiency
  • Eco-friendly and Clean energy
  • High Operating speeds
  • Special custom-made designs
  • Demanding design and manufacturing process

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