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Geothermal Application

Specially designed solutions for customer-specific application.

Generators for Geothermal Application

The Generators supplied for Geothermal applications are installed in hazardous environment where the Hydrogen sulfide content is high. In order to make the Generators compatible for hazardous working condition the Insulation System of the Generators is with maximum electrical endurances and zero maintenance

Salient Features:

Be it stringent requirements in design parameters like special cooling and varied load or adverse hazardous site conditions, TDPS has a Generators to meet your challenging requirements

  • Double wall constructed stator frame to ensure minimal pressure drop
  • Protection Class-IP55
  • Fasteners used are Hot dip galvanized/Geomet coated/Dacromet coated/Stainless Steel
  • SS316L material for auxiliary terminal box, cooler tubes, Oil inlet & outlet pipes
  • Specially designed bearings and bearing seals with pressure equalization system
  • Robust base frame, easily transportable
  • Painting DFT-250 Microns C4 to suit environmental conditions.
  • Purging systems are provided to ensure protection against hazardous gases which are potential sources of ignition (recommended if the H2S level is > 0.3 PPM)

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