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Generator for Testing Application

Specially designed solutions for customer-specific applications.

Generators for Motor, Engine and Transformer Testing

For testing of Motors, Engine and Transformers there is a need of machines suitable for working under variable frequencies. With the elite design capability and excellent state of art facilities, TDPS deliver world class Generators suitable to work in adverse conditions

Salient Features:

All our Testing generators are designed to deliver Flexible frequency and various terminal connection possibilities to get variable voltages, performance and serviceability that best suits the transformer, motor, diesel engine testing and customer requirements. Our Testing generators have:

  • Maximum supplied frequency: 250Hz.
  • High efficiency to work in critical conditions.
  • Exceptional rotor design to withstand high stresses induced due to high centrifugal forces.
  • Reliability to enable excess power beyond the requirement of base load to be exported to the national grid.
  • Easy operations and maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Long service life

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