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Gas Turbine Generators

Generators that combine robustness and reliability with high-performance.

Gas Turbine Generators

TDPS offers a wide range of Gas turbine generators to meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.

Gas turbine Generators are high-speed machines subjected to high centrifugal forces. The rotor of these Generators is specially designed and balanced at TDPS to work efficiently. TDPS offers optimised and compact solutions for Gas turbine generators.

From installations in dense urban areas to remote locations, industries around the world rely on reliable gas turbine generators to meet their energy needs. Regardless of your market or application requirements, our gas turbine generators are designed to deliver a resilient and dependable operation at your site.

Product Range

Range: Upto 250MVA Cooling: TEWAC/TEAAC/DAC
Voltage levels: Up to 15.75KV Termination: Side/Top/Bottom/Cubicle
Speeds: Upto 1800 RPM Shaft End: Cylindrical/Flanged
Frequency: 50/60Hz Excitation: Brushless/Static
Bearings: Antifriction/Sleeve Others: PMG, Slip Ring, etc.
Protection: IP23 to IP56 Installation: Hazardous/Non-hazardous
Cooler: Top/Bottom/Side Standards: IEC/NEMA/API/JIS


  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • LNG Terminals and Many More

Salient Features:

All our gas turbine generators are designed to deliver best-in-class reliability, performance and serviceability that best suits the topographical conditions and customer requirements. Our gas turbine generators have:

  • High operational efficiency
  • Applicable standards – IEC, IS and JEC
  • Compact size
  • High-speed balanced rotors
  • Easy operations and maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Sturdy design suitable for severe environment