Driven, for the people

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our business. Through various human-centric initiatives, we ensure the overall development of the community in which we operate and thereby constantly strive to prioritise our commitment towards building a world that is more sustainable and inclusive.



Key Initiatives

The objective of our CSR programs is to foster inclusiveness, protect the environment, support communities, and drive responsible growth.

a. School Readiness Program
The gap between the ability of parents from low-income backgrounds to give their children high-quality education is growing every year, despite various initiatives and interventions to enhance quality. TDPS collaborated with the Key Education Foundation to reduce this gap.

The foundation signed an MoU with the government to improve infrastructure and access to education in 20 schools in the Anekal block of Rural Bengaluru. The beneficiaries included 570 kids, 580 parents, and 40 teachers and helpers. Overall scores under each area of development showcased a clear difference in the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of children.
b. Educational empowerment of Girls from the Scavenging community
The arunthathiyars community which performs scavenging activities in parts of Tamil Nadu, are landless and are forced to live a life of hand-to-mouth existence. Most of the arunthathiyar women either do scavenging work in industries, in private hospitals or work as domestic servants in households and hotels and are not reimbursed well.

TDPS stepped forward to ensure the socio-economic development of 100 girls from the scavenger community in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu and integrate them into maistream society, by helping them understand the importance of education and helping them raise their dignity through it. TDPS provided well-equipped tuition centres and schooling materials such as uniforms, bags, and stationeries to these kids.
c. School Infrastructure & Welfare Project
The company identified three government schools within a radius of 10 km of our manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, which required an improvement in terms of infrastructure. The schools, one each from Bharatipura, Pemmanahalli and Yedehalli villages with around 130 students were beneficiaries of our financial support. The purchase of computers, lab equipment, utensils for the meal program, furniture, and the upkeep of the school building was carried out as part of this project.
d. Backyard Forestry Project
TDPS supported Backyard Forestry - a biodiversity and conservation awareness workshop for school children organised by the Yuva Chintana Foundation. As part of this initiative, a school nature camp was organised for the kids from KPSU around the Dussehra festival. The primary objective of this activity was to tap into the innate love of nature that children possess and ensure that they become passionate and avid learners of the nature around them.


Annual Plan/Budget