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Why US?

TDPS is a growing organization. Established in 1999 under a technology license from Toyo Denki, Japan, TDPS has grown with guidance and supervision by Japanese and Indian professionals in design, manufacturing and quality functions. TDPS fosters an environment where passion to succeed, commitment to quality, strong team spirit and honest work ethics are a way of conducting business. Today, each of its core functions is headed by capable leaders each of whom have grown into experienced industry professionals.We believe that our qualified and experienced management and technical teams have contributed to growth of our operations and the development of in-house processes and competencies.

Our management team consists of technically qualified and highly experienced professionals who operate our business and work in an independent manner under the guidance of our senior management. We believe that the above management framework allows us to maintain the flexibility to address our markets and in each of the geographies where we sell our products.

We have a lean corporate structure for quick response and decision making which enables us to be responsive to both market and customer needs. Our technical teams bring with them extensive experience in marketing, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, finance, project execution and after sales services. Our senior management team that is in charge of operations has extensive experience in the industry, which enables them to guide our technical teams in our business operations. We believe the strength and quality of our management team and the nature of our organizational structure have been instrumental in implementing our business and growth strategies.