There are some places where you want to keep going back to day in and day out without the slightest hesitation. It is the environment of such places which acts as a magnet. When most people asked would say that college was one such place. I would agree, but I would also add, for me that feeling has continued here at TDPS…

It really feels like a family here in the office where people are known by their names rather than their designation. People are always ready to guide and support you in any task you wish to undertake. It is a great feeling to know that help is never more than the next work station away.

My time here at TDPS has really been enriching-both personally and academically. The faith shown by the management in the ‘juniors’ is something which I always wished for. This has given me the zeal to give my best every day and to achieve all my goals. I am very glad and proud to say that the first steps I took in the corporate world could not have been among better people.

So if you are looking at a very bright career with diverse opportunities, then TDPS is the right place for you. I am sure that the new people joining us will have the same experience as me, and we all shall work together to take our organization to new heights.

Ramya Ramesh

Marketing Department

Manufacturing – Generators

Shop Floor Control and Supervision.

Generator Designs

Designers and Draughts men – Mechanical and Electrical.

Quality Assurance – Generators

Product Quality Control, Assurance and Testing of Generators.


Generators and Power Plants.


Control, Relay and Excitation Panels for Power Plants.

Project Execution

Erection and Commissioning of Power Plants and Associated Electrics.


Generators and Excitation Panels.


Finance and Accounting functions.

Human Resource

Human Resouce and Administration functions.